Westlake Royal Roofing

Westlake is a multi-national company supplying high-end roofing products to the building industry. Branded Area designed and produced their 30’ x 60’ exhibit at the International Builders Show.


We created gallery styled displays with LED lighting to show off their beautiful roofing products in a museum quality setting. By creating a gallery of products throughout the entire space, attendees were able to appreciate the level of quality inherent in Westlake products.


An interactive station with a large touchscreen table facilitated conversations around the multiple products and accessories available.


A roomy private conference room along with several semi-private seating arrangements throughout the space allowed for every type of business meeting with attendees and staff.


A carefully considered design created a beautiful yet hard-working space on the show floor that allowed the Westlake staff to maximize their results during the show.

Branded Area takes a strategic approach to deliver marketing environments that deliver.