Our Philosophy


The tradeshow and marketing environment field is a highly specialized industry. As COO, Director, V.P. and President of several of the largest and best dimensional marketing firms in the country over the last 25 years our founder designed, produced and managed highly successful and effective experience based environments for great brands like American Airlines, NCR, Cisco, Fox, Phillips, McKesson, Red Bull, Amgen, Vizio, Qualcomm, Realty Income, LG and Major League Baseball, to name just a few.


Having held leadership roles in the largest and best dimensional marketing firms in the country and having worked with the most talented people in the industry, he knew that the solutions, options, products and services offered collectively are fantastic and extremely effective. However, individually no one company has all the right products and solutions for every client’s needs.


Believing that each unique client could benefit from having access to all the best products and services available in the industry and knowing that we have the knowledge and relationships in place to manage the entire process for our clients, he brought together the best people, solutions, industry know-how and turn-key management under one roof.


That is the motivation and the business model driving Branded Area.


We manage all the details, so you don’t have to!

How We Do It


Our process is simple, direct and effective.
We designed it around our client’s needs, not ours.
We guarantee the best ROI and results to our valued customers.

Our Mission


“To build lasting relationships based on Integrity and results, while providing our clients with
strategic, creative and cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations.”

We are here to help create the next great experience at your upcoming tradeshow or event.