Creative Process


Once we understand your objectives and goals, we study your brand, your competitors and your position in the marketplace. We will begin our collaborative Smart design process by utilizing everything we have learned to create an environment that functions to your unique specifications. When needed, overall theme and interactive components will be developed alongside the 3D design. Your input and involvement along the way will be critical as the design develops through the phases below. Our Smart design process is a fun and creative process that insures the best result for your company and brand. We manage all the details of this process for you.


Preliminary bubble plans – Using various floorplan options we can discover how different areas of you space can best serve the requirements and objectives. We will determine the best traffic flow patterns, the best orientation in the hall for maximum brand exposure and how to get the most out of your space and your investment.


Style guides – In this phase of design we will offer and discuss various looks and feels for your exhibit. Contemporary, modern, traditional, minimalist, etc. We may convey different looks and feels with mood boards or style guides to find a look that relates to your brand, the image you want to portray and the impression you want remembered.


Concept designs – This phase includes different options of finished designs and allows us to start the estimating and budgeting process to make sure we stay within budget and prioritize the elements, areas and function of your environment.


Final designs – Here we will deliver complete 3D renderings of your space exactly as it will look when complete. After going through the smart design process with you, this final design will hit all the functional objectives and portray the right style and image for your brand.


Cost quotation – Once you approve the final 3D renderings we will have them priced by our competitive partner shop network for the best price and value to you. You will receive an extremely detailed item by item final quotation to produce the final product. There will be no hidden costs or surprises as we will include all service quotes as well for your consideration.


We manage a smart design process that delivers the most effective branded environments !

We are here to help create the next great experience at your upcoming tradeshow or event.