Strategic Approach


For starters, we do not focus on selling you anything. We focus on insuring that your tradeshow exhibit or marketing environment delivers results and exceeds your expectations. We will help you quantify your objectives and develop a strategy to maximize your return on investment. We always start with a pre-show strategic assessment.


Why are you marketing at the event?
What do you expect to achieve? More leads? Better qualified leads? Brand recognition? Attract distributors? Meet existing clients? Product demonstration?


How do you best spend your budget?
What is the cost of ownership versus rental? What is the cost of an interactive experience, engagement or lead tracking? How can we save on logistics such as shipping and show site costs? How can we shift logistics budget to audience engagement budget? Can we consider a multi-show package to amortize costs?


Who is your target audience?
Once we identify exactly who you want to attract, how do we tailor our engagement efforts to fit the right demographic?
How can you maximize attendance? Should we consider pre-show marketing to drive traffic to your space? Social media, targeted email campaigns, micro sites? Will themed engagement contests tied to your brand increase awareness and attendance?


How should the environment function?
How will traffic behave in the space? How do we efficiently manage our objectives in a compressed timeline? Who will work the space and how will they be trained towards objectives?


How will we capture critical results?
Is the standard show lead retrieval adequate? Should we employ a more sophisticated lead documentation and tracking program? Would a audience survey capture valuable marketing metrics?


How will your brand be remembered?
After they leave your space will your visitors remember you and your product or service above your competitors? When you follow-up a month later will they remember? How will your brand be perceived during and afterwards? What will we do to shape these positive perceptions during the event?


How will we measure success?
What would you consider a success and how will we measure it? How will we create a baseline from which to measure future improvement? How will we maximize ROI and ROO?


We will help answer all of these questions and more before we design or recommend the best approach to insure that we can deliver a smart solution and optimum results. We believe the best ROI and ROO will come from strategic consideration of ALL the options followed by creative and experienced execution. We will manage the process for you and only propose the best possible solutions.


We act as your in-house dimensional marketing expert !

We have the best people, solutions, industry know-how and turn-key management under one roof.