Program Management


Our overall program management options extend beyond the show and insure that your program remains efficient and effective whether you have one show a year or twenty. Our services are completely scalable to fit your needs. Our unique business model allows us to expand and contract at your request while always delivering to you the best the industry has to offer!


Dismantle objectives – When the show is over we can be there to button up everything in an orderly and efficient manner. Most damage and lost components occur during poorly organized and supervised dismantles and these problems extend to the next show in the way of unforeseen costs. We will insure the proper shipping arrangements and onsite paperwork are correct at the venue. We make sure your properties are as efficiently managed on the way down and out as they were going in.


Overall program logistics – By strategically looking at your overall program we can typically save our clients significant costs. Because we work with a wide and diverse network of qualified partners across the country and internationally we are able to leverage our network for your benefit. It may be that parking your properties at strategic and secure locations in-between your key shows alone can save thousands in long return shipment costs. Leveraging rental components to achieve portions of your environment may save additional costs. Securing multi-show package discounts and negotiating with contractors on your behalf are additional examples of how we can save you money.


Documentation – Strong and effective documentation from the onset in all projects is critical to long term program cost savings. All of our projects include this component. We insure that proper detailed inventories, manifests, engineering stamps, electrical drawings, set-up instructions and as built drawings are correctly done. You don’t have to be an expert in these areas because we are and we understand the long term value of proper documentation.


Measurement – We offer many great options and tools to help with post-show measurements. Sophisticated electronic lead retrieval programs can include customized data metrics designed for your business and prospects. Custom surveys, interactive experiences and audience participation programs can all include back-end metrics customized to your needs. The options available to you are limitless with Branded Area because we work with all the best digital media experts in the industry.


We handle all the details so you don’t have to!

We are here to help create the next great experience at your upcoming tradeshow or event.