Onsite Support


We continue our cohesive management of your program with our onsite management and services. We utilize our 25 plus years of logistics and installation experience to insure a seamless process all the way to show opening and beyond. Our onsite supervisors will manage every detail of your installation. We know the show floor. We only work with the best installation teams and we know every venue. We work on your behalf as your onsite expert!


Cost effective logistics – Transportation to and from your scheduled shows can be costly. Utilizing the right freight and shipping carriers for the right situation is crucial. We know all the options and have long standing relationships and negotiated rates with the best carriers. We can depot your properties in-between shows regionally and save thousands in return shipping costs while insuring your properties remain in show ready condition.


Seamless installation – There are significant differences in the quality and efficiency of installation and dismantle companies across the Nation and Internationally. The performance of a particular I&D provider can be impacted by region or by their labor schedule. We work with all major I&D providers and we know their individual strengths. At Branded Area our business model allows us to utilize the best resource in each situation to insure the most efficient and cost effective experience for you in each venue.


Onsite support – Tradeshows can present unique and demanding challenges during set-up, even with the best laid plans. The rules, regulations and standard onsite processes can become expensive obstacles that drive unforeseen costs. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to manage through these obstacles effectively on your behalf. We provide expert onsite supervision to make sure your show installation runs perfectly. We can also provided during show support to keep everything running smooth so you can focus on your attendees and marketing objectives.


We handle all the details so you don’t have to!

We are here to help create the next great experience at your upcoming tradeshow or event.