Our client is an International company that makes high-end roofing products. Branded Area typically does 4-5 live events a year for Boral. However, when Covid19 changed that dynamic our client wanted to do something to enhance and continue to push out their marketing efforts to end users around the world. The challenge; Boral was not that excited about a virtual experience attached to an existing show that would have limited exposure and lifespan.


As a solution, Branded Area created a virtual showroom that lives on Boral’s main corporate website, an experience that is not limited by any specific event dates. We custom designed the entire immersive environment including a contemporary building that houses the showroom and all the displays within that show off the product and history of the company in an upscale environment that fits Boral’s top tier brand.


By placing the virtual experience front and center on Boral’s website home page we offer visitors an engaging and immersive way to explore all that Boral has to offer through links to videos, product descriptions, training, testimonials and much more in-depth information. We also created a fun and easy way for the visitor to access a lot of information in an intuitive and organized manner.

See Boral’s new virtual showroom at

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